About us
The main idea behind the Sun Seed – brand is to produce healthy foods that can be used in your daily diet.

Therefore, our brand mission was to create products that will be both beneficial and easy to consume for all people, from infants to elders.

All our products go through certification and a strict quality control.

Our stakes and semi-finished products are only made from steers grown in ecologically clean natural conditions and fed on natural grains. The assortment of the Premium Butcher line includes chilled aged classic and alternative steaks, chilled semi-finished foods with aromatic spices, frozen cuts and semi-finished foods, jerky.

Our oils are produced by cold pressing at a low temperature, which allows you to preserve the exquisite taste of each product, and most importantly preserve all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it contains.

Our operating principles
All our products undergo full certification and strict quality control
Own production
Our steers are raised in ecologically clean natural conditions and feed on natural feed (cereals)
Free grazing and combined feeding
We only use high-quality raw materials for our production, which are supplied directly from time-tested manufacturers on the territory of Ukraine.
Environmentally friendly products
Our assortment can satisfy any preferences of gourmets
Wide and up-to-date assortment
Customer support and marketing support at all stages of the sales chain. Respect and full fulfillment of mutual obligations
Transparency in relationships with partners
The products are packed in specialized containers with a protective environment, which ensures the preservation of the original organoleptic properties and freshness of the product for a longer period.
Packaging that extends shelf life
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